WPLG Voting (Top 10)

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This voting application gives consumers the ability to create and account and login to nominate some of their favorite places to eat, hang out, or go shopping during the winter months.  Once a business is nominated and approved, consumers who visit the website are allowed to vote as much as once per day in each category to ensure that their favorites climb the ranks and take the top spot. Competition in the summer contest was high and it is expected to be just as intense for the winter categories. So be sure to log in and cast your votes so that your favorite places can claim their title as WPLG’s Best.

  • WPLG Voting (Top 10)
  • 28th February 2012
  • Responsive Design
  • Strategy Planning
  • Integration
  • Mobile
  • Creative
  • Custom CakePHP
  • MySQL Framework
  • iOS

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