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Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union came to Web Services looking for a revamp and update to their website. Their previous website was built using WordPress with a few different custom widgets and functions for the various content areas on the website. Although there was not a need to perform a major overhaul on the functionality of the website, they wanted to take the opportunity to update their current look and feel, while also adding something new to provide its members with information to their services faster.

Things we did

When we began working with Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union, our initial assessment was that their website needed to be polished in order to better incorporate their branding as well as to reduce the amount of links on the homepage. As a financial institution there is an abundance of information that needs to be provided to it’s members and visitors. Our redesign focused on ensuring that their branding was consistent throughout their website, while also restructuring their homepage to incorporate a new e-branch, and a larger banner area to showcase some of the credit unions more prominent services and features.

Using the Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union’s logo as a guideline on the overall color guideline of the new website, our design incorporated a deep rich forest green throughout the website to help tie in the masthead and logo. The original theming of the website used a dark blue color that began to clash with the look and feel of the logo. We also increased the banner area to give it more of a featured feel, the larger banners on the website not only look better, but they provide more website real estate to add information on these featured services, which helps drive their members and visitors into key areas of the website.

The new homepage also features an interactive e-branch. The concept of the e-branch is to help visitors make it possible for you to bank anytime day or night at their convenience, while never having to visit an actual branch. Using some of the key areas that a member would visit on the website as a basis for the e-branch, we created a jQuery parallax pane, that gives the aura of visiting an actual branch. By mousing over the e-branch, the user is able to navigate their way to any of the more important areas of the website, with a single click.

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  • 14th February 2010
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