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Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar came to Web Services with a variety of needs to help them move into the next phase of their web life. With their business growing, they were in a need to have more control of their website and deliver more information to their customers for each of their different branches, and was not able to with their current flash website. Their previous website also did not allow a representative from Cuba Libre to make their own edits as needed, which presented a problem keeping the website up to date with new information.

Things we did

Cuba Libre provided their own unique designs for their new website and expressed their concerns with needing to be able to not only have a website that was compatible and easier to use for its visitors, but also a site that they were able to edit with ease. When reviewing the concept of the new website as well as their specific needs for managing each of the various locations and all of the information needed for their restaurants, we chose to use WordPress as the back-end CMS to control and manage the various sections of the website.

Using the WordPress platform, we were able to setup the site to allow the client to upload, manage, and update the majority of their website pages, along with to ability to add in news and current events. All of which is presented in a mobile and desktop format. The mobile version of the website delivers each of the cities unique content pieces as well as that specific venues menus and events.

Menu Machine

As a restaurant chain, the client also has a number of different menus for each venue as well as different sets of items that are available across all of their locations. The next growth of their website came in the form of a request for an online menu system. Understainding their unique needs to be able to manage multiple menus across 4 different cities, we developed a custom menu managing system that tied into the desktop and mobile versions of their website.

The “Menu Machine” has the ability to update information specific to each venue in each city, remove and edit menu items on the fly, as well as uses a jQuery drag and drop feature to allow their website administrator to easily order and re-order the menus as needed without any intervention from a dedicated web team.

  • Cuba Libre Restaurant
  • 15th July 2012
  • User Experience (UI/UX) Design
  • Desktop to Mobile Mapping
  • Restaurants
  • Custom Programming (Code)

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