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A design intensive architecture firm, Arkitektur + Kasai were looking for a sleek and modern site that matched their style in buildings.The primary feature of their site is driving potential clients to their portfolio of work, so they required something simple and intuitive that would direct clients where they needed to be. A Ken Burns effect was requested on the portfolio to ensure that a maximum amount of detail was being displayed in each image, and users are given full control on the time each image is displayed in the slideshow.

The design inspiration comes from the straight modern lines of the buildings they create themselves. It is matched with a subtle and monotone color scheme which fades into the background allowing the true focus of the site to shine through…. the architecture itself.

The site also connects directly into our ProMail email marketing system which allows the customer easy access to their email subscriber lists and newsletters.

  • Arkitektur + Kasai
  • 16th January 2012
  • Custom Programming (Code)

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